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Social & Human
Capital Committee


Strategic Goals

 The Social and Human Capital Commission will be working on several initiatives in the coming year. The Commission will build off of the Inclusive Employment Rubric initially developed in 2018. They will research how it can be implemented in the County, and potential legislation for ensuring the application of the rubric. The Commission will also highlight the success of inclusive practices to share with the public the potential of the rubric. Additionally, the Commission will research several ideas for preparing Cook County communities, institutions, organizations, and governmental entities for the next potential economic recession with a focus on supporting resiliency and improving the recovery time for communities. To do this, the Commission will research the areas, sectors, and communities most affected by the 2009 recession and review recession preparation case studies. The Commission is exploring research tools available through the Federal and Reserve and Center on Budget Policy Priorities. The Commission will also look to expand leveraging Cook County procurement for supporting equitable economic development through food, services, goods, and other vehicles.

Meeting Minutes

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