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02. Social Rights

Capital Committee


Meeting Minutes

Intellectual Capital Committee

Strategic Goals

The Intellectual Capital Committee is focused on being the operations powerhouse behind the Commission which includes performance management strategies and accessible government data and transparency tools for the County. In addition, the committee contributes to transformative economic development efforts by taking on projects that act as enabling mechanisms for the execution of larger Commission initiatives.




Intellectual Capital Committee Projects are:


  • Public & Transparent

  • Supporting Cook County

  • Inclusive

  • Data Driven

  • Action-based

  • Enabling for Larger County Action

Intellectual Capital Committee


Reviewing past presenters to date and creating a form to synthesize presentations to educate the public and elected officials on some of the most innovative ideas that have come before the Commission. Presentations that the Committee would recommend to the public will be archived, past and present, and past presenters will be followed up with to see how we can share their work with the public and leaders in County government. From there, the Committee will be running a public engagement campaign to corral the best ideas from across the County to continue to expand the Commission's knowledge base and work efforts.


The Participatory Governance Toolbox project dives into the experience of government and how we can best meet County citizens where they're at and make County government more accessible. From the way we name and frame issues, to the way we hold townhall meetings, to the way elected officials engage constituents and beyond, the goal is to create a thoughtful toolbox dissecting civic life over the next year for use by elected officials and government agencies alike. This toolbox will help us build public trust and work towards the ability to make tough economically impactful decisions with consensus and public good faith.

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