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Cook County
Social Innovation

Upcoming Meeting

Cook County Commission on

Social Innovation Meeting Notice:

The next Meeting will be July 11th, 2024

4:00 pm 

118 N Clark St. [County Board Room]

Public: Facebook Live

Committees of the Commission

Social & Human Capital

The Social and Human Capital Committee works to build sustainable centers of economic development, employment and engagement that provide socio-economic advancement to the most dis-invested residents & communities in Cook County.

Committee on Financial Capital


The Committee on Financial Capital was established to find ways to be a partner with the Bureau of Economic Development as a platform for efforts that aim to maximize opportunities for enhancing economic empowerment throughout Cook County

Committee on

Public Capital

The Committee on Public Capital works to promote social innovation by finding solutions through the County’s zoning and transportation levers. 

Committee on Intellectual Capital

The Committee on Intellectual Capital was established to make government data more accessible and useful for public life. The Committee explores ways to measure the impact of the Commission and design comparative standards between it and other County entities.

The Purpose of the Commission


In April 2016, the Cook County Board of Commissioners enacted Ordinance #19-1382, establishing the Cook County Commission on Social Innovation to:

  1. Strengthen the capacity of the inner city and the Southland and, generally, of the County to work cooperatively with relevant stakeholders to create, scale, and sustain innovative social programs;

  2. Build the capacity of nonprofit organizations and government to pursue entrepreneurial ventures in the inner city and the Southland and in the County; and

  3. Attract investment and philanthropic funding to the inner city and the Southland and to the County to support these ventures.”

The committee shall serve as:

  1. A resource for the County’s agencies and departments in common cause to promote the Southland’s and the County’s data-driven social innovation ecosystem in collaboration with other relevant actors; and

  2. The County’s social innovation laboratory, convening a broad and diverse array of interests and expertise within and across sectors to facilitate cooperation and the co-creation of innovative solutions to social problems.

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